Zang Documentation


With so many possibilities and mash-up ideas, the sky is the limit to the things you can do using Zang's REST functionalities. With our REST API you can initiate calls, buy phone numbers, send SMS messages, get detailed lists and information about account activity, create conference calls, and much more! Dive into our documentation to learn about all of the capabilities and power our API can provide.


Zang is a REST API. What that means for you is that interacting with Zang to perform all of your telephony needs is almost as simple as visiting a website. Deeper knowledge regarding REST is useful when developing with Zang but definitely not required. We aim to provide all of the information needed for working with our REST API throughout its documentation provided here, so even if you are new to REST, Zang will still be a pleasure to use.

Base URL

All URLs for interacting with Zang have the following base URL:

Appending the end of this base URL with different paths allows different types of interactions. Depending on what you are trying to do, the HTTP methods GET, POST, or DELETE are used, sometimes along with a few parameters, to achieve the desired action or response from Zang.