About Us

Imagine a Better Way of Doing Things With Zang

We're a cloud communication technology company that transforms your conversations — and your business.

Conversations happen all the time. You talk to customers. Your team chats with each other. Customers discuss you. The machines are even exchanging information. But it's a headache to manage all of that, especially if you're not a communications company.

We think your company should keep focusing on what makes you special. Focus on whatever it is that gives you that unique zing that brings customers back, keeps employees engaged and might even keep the machines happy.

Zang gives that "zing" some power. The power to transform and to imagine a better way of doing things, starting with communications, but not stopping there. We are Zang, an Avaya company. We’ve built our business in the service of helping you change yours for the better. We work behind the scenes as your secret agents of change.

That’s why we provide both an intuitive development platform and innovative cloud communications. So you can build what you need, use what you need, and make changes when you need them. We want to help you change as fast, as far, and as wide as you can imagine. The sky's not the limit for us, and it shouldn't be for you either.