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General Questions

General Q

What is Zang Office?

Zang Office is, quite simply, a business phone service for small-to medium-size businesses (SMBs). It is a pure cloud offer available 100% over the internet. It is designed to be dead simple to order and install. Its feature set includes inbound/outbound calling, call hold, call transfer, voice mail, extensions, hunt groups, auto attendant/IVR, conferencing (for power users), and music on hold, among others. For a full list of features visit the Zang Office Store.

When is it available?

Zang Office goes to GA-CI (Generally Available-Controlled Introduction) in November of 2016. It will become GA-UR (Generally Available-Unrestricted) in the Spring of 2017.

Where is it available?

Zang Office is available only in the U.S. for GA-CI and GA-UR. We will expand the service to other regions in future quarters.

How do I get it?

Zang Office is available 100% online – like any other pure cloud-based shopping experience. Prospects can visit the Zang Office Store to order.

Are partners required to install the product?

No. Zang Office is a software-as-a-service offer (pure cloud-based) that is intended for SMBs. It is simple to order and install and does not require a partner or even in-house IT resources. Visit Zang Office to check out some videos that demonstrate the service further and show the ordering process.

Can I port an existing number?

Yes. You can port a number from another provider to Zang Office. The time allotted to carriers to fulfill a port is 10 days.

What features are included with the service? How are we pricing the service?

Please visit the Zang Office Store for a full list of features and pricing information.

What sort of clients can be used?

For the Zang Office GA-CI, 2 physical phones will be available (one desk phone, one conferencing phone). Additional models will be added over the next few months (before and after GA-UR). A softphone (desktop app) will also be available for GA-CI for both Mac and Windows. A mobile client for Android and iOS will be available in time for GA-UR. For additional feature information, visit the Zang Office Store.

What is the ideal customer or prospect profile?

The ideal prospect profile for Zang Office is a small business with between 5 and 50 users located in the U.S. Almost any type of business qualifies: real estate offices, accountants, flower shops, co-location/office sharing facilities, restaurants, etc. However, we encourage you to use your imagination! These guidelines are not hard and fast. If you think you have a customer that might benefit, please fill out the survey form and we’ll reach out to them. Note, Avaya is not servicing healthcare-related businesses at this time.

Zang Office will provide all the business phone services a small- to medium-size business will need, plus:

  • Proactive, reliable, simple customer support, including a post-sale Customer Success team to address all their needs.
  • Strong user experience including an easy-to-use, user friendly ordering, installation and management process. — 100% online.
  • The power of Zang: a single platform for all communications needs, including the ability to add voice or SMS to apps (Avaya OneCloud CPaaS), collaboration (Avaya Spaces), and embedding communications and collaborations in your everyday apps like Google Apps, Salesforce and Office 365 (Zang Connect). And now, Zang Office for business phone services! Any communications needs — Zang has you covered.
  • Vertically oriented platform will enable business-specific applications such as appointment reminders and text-based automated communications to your customers - And, the stability and reliability people have come to expect from Avaya and Zang!

Other Questions?

If you still have any other questions remaining, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help you answer them!