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Quick Guide to Sharing
Sharing is caring, so show your teammates you care by sharing files and documents from within Spaces. From the ‘Messages’ view, you can share documents by attaching them to your comments. They’ll show up as regular messages and can be accessed by everyone else in the space.

You can also share your screen while you’re chatting over video—just enable it by hovering over the video chat and clicking ‘Share Screen.’

Next, the ‘Posts’ view is where all the documents and files are housed—the ones shared by you and your teammates. Clicking on any of the posts enables you to make comments, download the file, or attach more items, perhaps a revised version, if you’re editing a document.

How do I share my screen?
To share your screen press on the icon with the “<” on the screen in the tool bar in the video display screen.

How do I expand my screen into full screen mode?
To expand your screen press on the box icon with arrows in the corner on the screen in the toolbar in the video display screen. This will expand your screen into full screen mode and to exit press escape or the same button to condense the view.

How do I end a call?
To end a call press on the red phone icon in the video display screen and it will end the call. You will remain online and to fire up another call press the video icon in the display screen to launch your video again!

How do I create a Post?
To create a post navigate over to the “POST” section at the top of the middle of the page > Press “CREATE POST” down at the bottom > Here you can share a new File, Post or Task in any Space you want > Add a Post name > Give a description of the post > Add any attachments > and conclude by pressing “POST”.

Your post will now be able to be viewed by all members in the Post section of your Space.

How do I edit a Post?
To edit a Post click on the “POSTS” section at the top of the middle of the page > Double click on the post you would like to edit > Make the changes you want > Press “SAVE” to update your changes.

How do I invite people?
To invite someone into the Space, first enter the space and then on the far right under the video screen is a “+ INVITE PEOPLE” bar. Press the on the bar and enter the name or email of the person you want to join the Space. Your guest will get an email asking them to join the meeting.

You can also copy the link that is provided in the window and send it off to your guest that you want to join the meeting.

Other Questions?

If you still have any other questions remaining, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help you answer them!