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Quick Guide to Tasks
Tasks are simply things that need to get done and Spaces enables you to assign tasks to other members of your space. From the ‘Messages’ view, you can assign tasks, which will show up as regular messages and at the same time this action will email the person(s) that the task was ‘assigned to’ with an update.

Tasks can also be managed via the ‘Task’ tab. From here you can assign tasks for individuals, as well as determine due dates, make additional comments, and post related documents. This view also enables you to manage the tasks that are assigned to you. All it takes to notify others of your progress is updating the status of the item as you complete it.

We recommend you use ‘Tasks’ to track items that need to get done among your team members or as the result of a meeting. It’s an easy way to merge your individual ‘To-Do’ lists into one, simple view that’s shared between teammates.

How do I create a Task?
To create a Task navigate over to the “TASKS” section at the top of the middle of the page > Press “CREATE TASK” down at the bottom > Here you can give the task a name, due date and assign it to one or multiple people.

How do I edit a Task?
To edit a Task click on the “TASKS” section at the top of the middle of the page > Double click on the task you

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