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Zang lets you send and receive phone calls

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Phone Calls

Phone Calls

Send and receive calls internationally. You also have access to other cool advanced phone functionality which allow you to set a Custom Caller ID, record calls, send background audio and even change your voice!

SMS Messages

SMS Messages

SMS seems preferable to actually talking for... almost everyone. Build your application with texting functionality - our service makes it really, really easy to get up and running within minutes. We promise.

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

Instantly buy local + toll-free phone numbers. Build them into separate applications and track your usage. How you use Zang is up to you!

Phone Calls

Add Voice to Apps

Voice is one killer add-on! With voice integrated into your app, you'll be increasing your competitive advantage while allowing your users to connect with people across computers, mobile phones, browsers and tablets on a more personal level.

Ways People Use Zang

  • Conference Calls Conference Calls
  • Call Tracking Call Tracking
  • Customer Notifications Customer Notifications
  • Call Centers Call Centers
  • Interactive Voice Response Interactive Voice Response
  • Group Messaging Group Messaging

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