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You do you. Let Zang do the communications.

We make a suite of inherently useful communications tools, as well as provide an intuitive development platform. Everyone communicates. We want to help you do it better, and in ways no one has imagined yet.

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Imagine it. Build it.


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Our Products

Heads in the cloud, feet on the ground.

Get easy access to our crazy cool technology that integrates with your existing setup (because everyone hates it when Tab A and Slot B don’t match up perfectly), so you can change faster and easier than all of your competitors.

Zang Cloud

Zang Cloud

Build custom apps, everything from enabling international calling to SMS functionality to adding voice to any app.

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Zang Office

Zang Office

A cloud-based phone service that is reliable, affordable and easy to set up. Our services are tailored to meet your business communication needs.

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Zang Spaces

Zang Spaces

Your meeting room of the future has arrived with messaging, file uploading, video and audio conferencing.

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Zang Connect

Zang Connect

Communicate in real time inside the cloud apps you use everyday.

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How are customers using Zang Cloud


OwnerListens makes messaging your customers easy. So when they needed a secure and reliable way to facilitate conversations between businesses and their customers, they turned to Zang’s API. Read more now.


ImaginationSoft, a custom software development company, relies on Zang to enable scalable and low-cost SMS notifications in their apps. Read more now.


Mutare provides unified communications technology and recently revolutionized the way we think about voicemail by using the Zang API to alert users via SMS to missed calls — avoiding the hassle of being tethered to your desk. Read more now.


Fonolo has created a cloud-based technology that conveniently integrates with call centers and assists them in improving the customer experience. So when they needed an easy way to integrate SMS into their applications, they partnered with Zang. Read more now.

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