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Zang Cloud is a robust development platform — create what you need, integrate it seamlessly with your current communications systems and go! Keep reading below to see what our developers and customers have come up with so far. You’re only limited by your imagination. (And the laws of physics. Let’s not get crazy here.)

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What you can do with
Zang Cloud

 Workflow  Workflow

Zang Workflow is a graphical design tool enables anyone to easily build communication apps and workflow.

 Messaging  Messaging

Build intelligent, reliable messaging apps with the Zang API for a powerful way to engage customers.

 Voice  Voice

One simple API enables you to add voice and calling features to your web or mobile apps.

 Carrier Services  Carrier Services

Gain valuable insights into the origin of your callers to help you nurture sales leads, analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and prevent fraud and spam.

 Phone Numbers  Phone Numbers

Buy local and toll-free numbers and short codes from Zang, fully online and with no set-up required.

Zang Cloud Features Include:

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Send and receive messages starting at:

SMS Local
inbound per smsoutbound per sms
SMS Toll-Free
inbound tollfree per smsoutbound tollfree per sms
MMS Local
inbound per mmsoutbound per mms
MMS Toll-Free
inbound tollfree per mmsoutbound tollfree per mms

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Phone Calls
Send and receive calls starting at:

inbound per minoutbound per min
inbound per minoutbound per min

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Buy Numbers
Purchase your own number starting at:

per month
per month

Additional features

Auto transcription$0.05/min
Hybrid transcription$0.29/min
Carrier Services
Carrier Lookups$0.01/req
BNA Lookups$0.05/req
CNAM Lookups$0.01/req

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