Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions


What is Spaces?

Avaya Spaces is a team collaboration and meeting tool that centralizes voice, video, messaging, sharing, and task management into one place—your browser! It’s for anyone or any team that thrives in smaller working groups and needs an easy way to host meetings and manage getting work done.

How are People using Spaces?

Avaya Spaces is a tool you can use for hosting meetings and organizing projects. If you’re curious to find some new uses for Spaces, then check out our use cases page.

When I can I Sign Up?

Spaces is in an open Beta, which means you can start using it for free now (before anyone else!).

How do I Sign Up?

Signing up for a Spaces account is free and all it takes is visiting our signup page here.

Is it free?

Yes. Spaces is free to use. We also offer additional licenses, in case you want to get even more out of Spaces! You can find more about them here.

How Do I Send Feedback?

“Houston, I have a problem!” Well, no worries—we only have solutions. Email us at [email protected] if you’ve got any feedback.

Getting Started

What Do I need to know to get Started?

All you need to know is contained in our Getting Started Handbook. You’ll find an online version here.

Which browsers are supported?

Avaya Spaces is currently supported on Google Chrome. We’re also adding support for additional browsers like Firefox and Edge.

Is Spaces available on Android and iOS?

Yes. Avaya Spaces is available as a smartphone app on both the App Store and Play Store. Those same versions will also work for your tablet!

Does Spaces support Mac and Windows?

Yes. Avaya Spaces is supported on both Mac and Windows.

How do I download Avaya Spaces?

Well, you don’t. Once you have an account, all you need to do is visit, log in, and open your browser.

The only item you might have to download is the Avaya Spaces screensharing extension for Google Chrome.

What features are included in Avaya Spaces?

For a complete list check out our feature chart here

Can I upload and share my files on Spaces?

You sure can! Spaces allows you to share and upload your files. The amount of cloud storage depends on your license level (don't worry you still get this feature with a free license). Refer to this link for more details on what’s included in your license

Can I invite people from outside of my organization to join a space/meeting as a guest?

Of course! Avaya Spaces allows you to invite anyone (via their email address) to your space/meeting without forcing them to create an account.

As an administrator, can I manage and provision my users?

For Sure! If you decide to upgrade from a free account to either a Plus or Business license, an admin portal will be available for user management.

Can I access my Avaya Spaces account from anywhere?

Yeah! Avaya Spaces is a cloud solution, which means all you need is your password and you can sign in from anywhere and any device.

Other Questions?

If you still have any other questions, please email us at sales [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help you answer them!