Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing and Billing

How am I charged while using Avaya OneCloud CPaaS?

By default, Avaya OneCloud CPaaS will automatically deduct credit from your account balance based on the rate(s) associated with the corresponding service(s) that you use, whether it be for per minute phone calls, per message, or monthly rates associated with your purchased phone numbers, etc.

How do I purchase Avaya OneCloud CPaaS credit?

Once you’ve been granted production access on your Avaya Cloud account, you’ll have the ability to configure a credit card to your account and buy credit. Online credit purchases start as little as $10. With a credit card setup, you can also setup auto-replenish which allows you to configure a threshold to prevent your account from reaching $0.00.

What other billing/payment options do you support?

Option 1) An Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Sales Specialist can provide you a quote for a block of CPaaS credit (minimum $1,000 purchase required). A purchase order can be sent to [email protected] during which time our CPaaS billing team will generate an invoice. Blocks of CPaaS credit are still prepaid but additional payment options include ACH wire transfer. Once payment is received, our team will add the credit to your Avaya Cloud account.

Option 2) We also support post-pay billing. If you anticipate on consuming at least $1,000/month in CPaaS usage, we support switching your Avaya Cloud account to post-pay. Your organization will receive an invoice every month based on the usage of the prior month. Post pay Avaya Cloud accounts are configured by our Support team so that they can run into a negative balance meaning that you don’t need to prepay for credit in order for the account to process API transactions.

If you are interested in either billing option, please contact [email protected].

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with the mobile number verification step?

Contact [email protected].

What can I do with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS’s free trial?

Upon signing up for an Avaya Cloud account and accessing the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS dashboard, you can request complimentary credit from our Sales team ([email protected]). This will help you to get started familiarizing yourself with the platform and building/testing your initial application. The free credits can be applied to all of Avaya OneCloud CPaaS’s features except international calling.

• A trial account includes the following restrictions:
• Maximum of 1 outbound call or SMS per second
• Limit of 1 phone number
• Limited international calling destinations

How can I upgrade from a trial account?

Simply log into Avaya OneCloud CPaaS and click the ‘Request Production Access’ button on your dashboard. You will be prompted to fill out some information. You might be connected with an Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Sales Specialist but once you have been approved, you will have a full unrestricted production account.

What happens if my Avaya OneCloud CPaaS account balance reaches zero?

If your balance reaches $0.00 you will no longer be able to use any of Avaya OneCloud CPaaS’s features or the phone numbers that you have purchased. However, you will NOT lose any phone numbers you've purchased right away. You'll want to head to your billing page and add funds to your account to reactivate your numbers and your Avaya OneCloud CPaaS service.

In the case that you have not replenished your Avaya Cloud account after 90 days, we may close your account and return your phone numbers to our database of available numbers. This means it is important to proactively look after your account’s balance to avoid any disruption to your applications.

Do you support parent/child accounts?

Not at this time but it is on our roadmap.

What if I want to cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your account, simply stop funding it. Once your balance reaches zero we’ll automatically close your account after 90 days. If at any time you want to have your account closed, please contact [email protected].

Do you round ‘minutes’ for the purpose of billing?

Yes. For phone calls, your account is billed on a per minute basis and minutes are rounded to the nearest whole number.