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Pricing and Billing

Pricing and Billing

How am I charged while using Zang Cloud?

Zang Cloud has a simple pricing model that shows you exactly what you're paying for, whether it be for per-minute phone calls, per-outbound SMS/MMS, or monthly rates associated with your purchased phone numbers.

You can view pricing and rates here:

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding pricing, please let us know at [email protected].

What can I do with Zang Cloud’s free trial?

Upon signing up for Zang Cloud, you will be awarded a complimentary $2.00 credit. This will help you to get started familiarizing yourself with the platform and building/testing your initial application. The free credits can be applied to all of Zang Cloud’s features except international calling.

A trial account includes the following restrictions:

• Maximum of 1 outbound call or SMS per second
• Limit of 1 phone number
• Limited international calling destinations

How can I upgrade from a trial account?

Upon signing up for Zang Cloud, you are provided with a trial account and free credit, so you can purchase a phone number and begin to use the service. In order to remove your trial restrictions, simply log into Zang Cloud and click the ‘Request Production Access’ button on your dashboard. Once you have been approved, you will have a full unrestricted production account.

How does Zang Cloud’s billing work?

While using Zang Cloud services (voice minutes, SMS, MMS, name and address lookups, etc.) we deduct from your prepaid account balance. When your account balance hits $0.00, your account will be temporarily suspended until additional funds are added. We will notify you by email when your balance gets low, so you can plan accordingly.

You can view pricing and rates here:

What happens if my Zang Cloud account balance reaches zero?

If your balance reaches $0.00 you will no longer be able to use any of Zang Cloud’s features or the phone numbers that you have purchased. However, you will NOT lose any phone numbers you've purchased right away. You'll want to head to your billing page and add funds to your account to reactivate your numbers and your Zang Cloud service.

In the case that you have not replenished your Zang account after 60 days, we may close your account and return your phone numbers to our database of available numbers. This means it is important to proactively look after your account’s balance to avoid any disruption to your applications.

What if I want to cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your account, simply stop funding it. Once your balance reaches zero we’ll automatically close your account after 60 days.

Do you round ‘minutes’ for the purpose of billing?

Yes. For phone calls, your account is billed on a per minute basis and minutes are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Do you offer volume pricing?

Yes. We offer custom pricing plans for high-volume users, so please don't hesitate to contact our sales team at [email protected] to get rates.

Other Questions?

If you still have any other questions remaining, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help you answer them!